What do you need for scrapbooking?

The first thing you need for a scrapbook page is a focal point such as a photo or photos or a meaningful quote.  You will need to decide whether you will place the photo at the centre of the page or to the side, top or bottom of the page to allow for journaling or quotes.  Journaling tells the story behind the photo.  Scrapbooking supplies such as scrapbooking paper is an important component of your scrapbooking page.  You first need to select your background page.  You can purchase scrapbooking paper in various sizes, coordinated or themed pads with different pages which can be mixed and matched with each other on the page.  These pads can make paper choice much easier as the pages ‘go’ together.  You need to use acid free paper so your photo and display are not ruined over time.  You will also need an acid free adhesive to attach your photos to your backing page.  Other supplies, called embellishments, can add interest, depth or texture to your scrapbook page.  These include stickers, lettering, flowers, ribbon, chipboard and die-cuts.  Whatever supplies you choose, have fun with them. 


Which paper is used for scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is about archiving a life, a place or a time.  As such they are archives and require archival, acid free, scrapbooking supplies.  Scrapbooking paper is archival safe and designed to make scrapbooking fun and easier.  You can purchase scrapbooking paper in themed pads.  Some examples of themes include summertime, winter, voyages, florals, fruit & flora, woodland friends, around the world and vintage baby, to name just a few.  These sheets of scrapbook paper are coordinated and can easily be mixed and matched on the page to create stunning displays.  Chipboard cutouts are also a great addition, they come in a range of shapes which can be paired with their corresponding paper pad.  Other embellishments you can add include ephemera such as ticket stubs, concert wristbands or pressed flowers.  Further scrapbook supplies can really enhance the page.  Embellishments such as lettering can create the story around your photos.  You can purchase packs of journaling cards and write a more detailed narrative.  It is nice to write this in your own handwriting for future generations to see.  These pages are, after all, a family history.  


How do you make a scrapbook look good?

When you are just starting out in scrapbooking, it sometimes helps to look at pictures of scrapbook pages to see what sort of page appeals.  Do you like bold or muted colours?  Do you like minimalist or busy pages?  Looking at these pages will give you a starting point.  Then just start.  As a beginner to this paper craft it might be helpful to purchase a coordinated themed paper pad and scrapbooking supplies.  These are pads with coordinated pages which can be used together.  You might choose one page as the background then use another page to mat the photo.  That is to place a slightly larger piece of coordinated paper under the photo.  This visually ‘lifts’ the photo off the page.  Next you might want to add a quote and maybe write some journaling talking about the photo.  Who were the people?  What was the occasion?  Where were you?  Finally, you can add some embellishments.  Ephemera from the time of the photo is great to add, including concert tickets, festival wristbands and the like.  Scrapbook supplies include embellishments such as braids and ribbons which add interest to the page.


What are the essentials for scrapbooking?

To start scrapbooking there are only a few essential scrapbooking supplies you need.  These include some scrapbooking papers, scissors, bone folder and photos.  You can add to a basic layout using any number of scrapbooking supplies and ideas.  When you get started in scrapbooking you might need to get inspiration from others’ layouts.  Before you know it, you will be brimming with ideas for colours and additions to make your layout more interesting.  Scrapbooking social media pages showcase the latest in scrapbooking tools, papers and embellishments.  However, initially you can get by with just the basics for the first little while until you understand the sort of scrapbooking you like.  Do you prefer simple layouts or elaborate layouts with pockets and embellishments showcased?  One of the tools you will likely need is a paper trimmer to keep all your cuts straight.  It is also a good idea to buy a pad of 12x12 scrapbooking paper.  These pads are curated to enable you to mix and match designs and are an excellent start to your scrapbooking stash.  Whatever your tools and supplies, just start with what you have and see where you end up. 


How do I create a scrapbook?

The first place to start is to have an item, such as a photo, you wish to showcase.  Decide whether you want to display your work in an album or on a wall.  Albums are available from scrapbook suppliers.  Look online or in books for inspiration and scrapbooking ideas on how to create an inspiring page.  Then look at your scrapbooking supplies and see what papers you have that will work with your photo. For example, a clock print paper might be used with an historical photo to signify the passage of time.  Decide on a background paper for your layout. Background paper doesn’t have to be plain – a patterned background gives interest to the page.  If you coordinate the colours you will likely find the layout more appealing.  Having said that, contrast draws the eye so they too add interest.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Once the background is complete, it is the time to add the photo.  Then add embellishments such as pictures, lace, feathers, buttons or anything else that you please.  Finally, add some journaling telling the story of the photo.  Journaling is important as it keeps the story alive for future generations.


How do you style a scrapbook?

You can style your scrapbooking page however you see fit.  Sometimes it helps to get inspiration for scrapbooking ideas from books or on social media.  You don’t need to go overboard with scrapbooking supplies when you first start out.  Build supplies up slowly as you decide what your style is and how you like to design.  If you buy scrapbook paper in pads, the colours and designs are curated, coordinated and themed.  This helps you to style your page.  You can get themed paper such as “Stamperia” and “Graphic 45” and many, many more.  Pages from paper pads collections can be mixed and matched together to create beautiful pages.  There are an absolute myriad of paper pads and individual papers available to meet any design plan you have.  Contrast and coordination are the keys to an eye pleasing scrapbooking page.  Getting some quality tools is important too; good scissors, paper trimmer and bone folder are the basics.  When it comes to scrapbooking rules, there really are no design rules.  You design pages that are pleasing to your eye and just enjoy yourself.


Is scrapbooking still popular in 2022?

Scrapbooking is still very much alive and exciting in 2022.  In fact, during the pandemic many people have pulled out their scrapbooking supplies and renewed their love of the craft.  Scrapbooking is as relevant today as it ever was.  People still like to keep physical records of their family history and scrapbooking is a great way to do that.  Nothing beats running your hand over an old photo and reading the story that goes with it.  Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve family history and family stories.  You can combine family photos with scrapbooking ideas to create a family album that will be cherished for generations.  A scrapbook page is not only beautiful, it tells a story.  A physical copy of beloved photos is far better than leaving them to the vagaries of the digital world.  Is scrapbooking still popular?  It sure is!  It is both popular and relevant.


Can you make money scrapbooking?

At the grassroots you can use your scrapbooking ideas and skills to make layouts and albums for people’s special occasions.  You can scrapbook their weddings, formals, baby’s first days or family reunions.  This can be lucrative and, with a good reputation, work will flow.  You can also make money selling scrapbooking supplies online or at a craft store.  This requires some networking with suppliers and cash upfront to buy supplies.  Scrapbooking stores are still hugely popular online.  Folk love their scrapbooking supplies.  Many are turning to digital forms of paper which they can print at home as they need it.  This gives the opportunity of having thousands of ‘papers’ available that they merely print when they want to.  Getting into design of scrapbook papers is another way to make money from scrapbooking. You need design software and learn some skill to design scrapbook paper.  There is money to be made; you just need to find your niche.   Then again you can also just enjoy your scrapbooking for the relaxing and creative hobby it is.  Let everyone else stress about the details.


What size scrapbook is best?

There isn’t really a best scrapbook size.  The size of scrapbook paper you use depends very much on where and what you are doing.  Some of the common scrapbooking supplies include 6x6, 12x12 and A4.  It is very common to start a 12x12 scrapbooking page using a 12x12 piece of scrapbooking paper in a 12x12 album.  As you begin to get more adventurous, your scrap supplies will grow.  You will start to mix and match your papers and paper sizes.  You can add embellishments and items, such as tuckspoys, made from smaller papers too.  You can add interest by tearing paper sides and ‘distressing’ them using ink.  Scrapbook kits are available from scrapbooking shops.  These usually come with a range of paper sizes going from 12x12s down to small scraps of paper.  Scrapbooking is about the scraps, the little pieces of paper and embellishments you put together to make a cohesive design.  It is good to start with a standard size paper, but it’s what you add to the paper - that is where the adventure begins.