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There are few out there that never experienced the following: It’s time to create a visual for a school presentation. You know just what you want to say and get started writing. Right off you run out of space to fit everything intended for the first line. Letters that started big and bold end small and squished. Subsequent lines are crooked, and the penmanship across the board is horrid. This effort either resulted in starting again, or, if supplies disallowed, submitting the lack-lustre poster.

Theoretically, as we age and gain practice, our ability to gauge space and establish letter consistency should improve. Well into adulthood, however, stylised lettering still stumps most. There’s a reason calligraphy is an art that requires years of training – it’s not easy. Thankfully, the rest of us can buy alphabet stickers.

Crafting Made Easy with Alphabet Stickers for Australia’s Hobbyists

Digitally printed, alphabet stickers maintain size and style with precision. They are the preferred choice for craft enthusiasts in Australia who are more interested in the overall visual representation of their projects than the spatial and geometrical skills needed to free-hand the alphabet. Alphabet stickers in Australia come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles. Browse the expansive inventory of top-quality alphabet stickers online at Papermaze. The selection includes offerings from top craft brands including Graphic45 and Prima Marketing.

Alphabet stickers are something every artist and crafter should keep on hand. You simply never know when you’re going to need lettering or a letter template. While you can use them for scrapbooking, letter stickers can be used to elevate the quality of posters, notebooks, storage container, or any other project where lettering is needed, and the surface can tolerate adhesive.

From Passion to Papermaze

Papermaze was established nine years ago when I decided to take my new-found passion for scrapbooking into the business world. Scrapbooking is a medium that can be enjoyed individually or as part of a group. It aims to create a dynamic representation of selected captured images that tell a story or recall a memory. I love the creative outlet this immersive craft hobby provides as well as the social experience of sharing craft space and creative projects with others.

Based out of my home in Victoria, I’ve established an inventory of scrapbooking and paper craft supplies personally curated for quality. An amateur hobbyist with a family myself, I understand how frustrating it can be to have a vision but need to settle for less due to financial availability. That’s why I offer a customer loyalty program as well as Afterpay on all products allowing my customers to collect all the supplies they need for their project up front then pay over a period of weeks.

You’ll see that all available alphabet stickers at my online store are listed for full price. Under each listing is the Afterpay price structure. You can buy alphabet stickers today for a commitment of mere pennies every fortnight. I ship all orders over $150 for free! Contact me directly with any questions; I’m happy to share my tips and tricks. The days of lettering mishaps are in the past when you buy affordable alphabet stickers online at Papermaze.