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Interest in photography has exploded since the dawn of its digital format. Eager to capture each moment, our phones have become photo journals where most of the images captured are never processed into physical prints. The small percentage that are printed get slid into cellophane sleeves and placed on a bookshelf to gather dust. Let’s face the facts. No one wants to look at page after page of your wedding or holiday album – not even you.

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to turn your captured images into a dynamic visual representation that highlights your style and most precious moments. Unlike classical art forms requiring skill development in studied techniques, scrapbooking has only one prerequisite – buy a scrapbook.

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I was introduced to scrapbooking at my daughter’s 10th birthday party and was instantly hooked. Eager to share the trends and skills I was picking up, I started holding scrapbooking classes out of my home to my daughter’s friends. Encouraged by the interest, I turned my passion into a business nine years ago, and Papermaze was born. Today you can buy scrapbooks and supplies online or visit Papermaze in Victoria.

It’s likely you have many pictures across multiple life events. Start by choosing a theme for the book, which makes the number of images to be arranged manageable. For example, a wedding album narrows the image pool down to one topic. Next, decide if your album will include pre-wedding day activities (i.e., the bachelorette party), or strictly the big day itself. Once you’ve got a theme with specified parameters, you’re ready to browse my extensive inventory of scrapbooks and supplies including themed scrapbook kits available online.

The abundance of scrapbooking supplies can be overwhelming, particularly once you’ve entered a store and see all the possibilities. When filled with inspiration, it’s easy to get carried away. My inventory of scrapbook kits are an excellent way for beginners to get started. They are comprised of themed stickers and embellishments that complement each other creating a cohesive scrapbook you’re excited to share with guests. More importantly, they’ll be excited that you shared!

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The best part about scrapbooking is the freedom to transform still images into a visual story that captures a memory. Photos and stickers aren’t enough. Embellishments, which comprise various objects such as journal cards, ribbon, buttons are useful in crafting engaging pages. Don’t forget about the scrapbook supplies needed to perform this relaxing craft such as scissors, photo-safe adhesive, photo-safe writing tools, cardstock, and additional pages to add to your stock album.

Papermaze carries everything you need for scrapbooking success in one place at affordable prices. Even still, the cost of scrapbooks and their supplies adds up quickly. No worries! Papermaze offers perks through the customer loyalty program as well as Afterpay on all items. Orders over $150 are shipped free of charge. Feel free to contact me with questions, advice, or to bounce around ideas. I love talking about scrapbooking and can offer tips and tricks to make your crafting experience smooth resulting in a fabulous finished product.