Scrapbooking with Ribbon in Brisbane


Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies offers a variety of scrapbooking supplies for all your needs, and one of the most versatile items is ribbon. Ribbon comes in an assortment of colours, patterns, materials, and widths and how you use it is only limited by your imagination.

You can create one of a kind backgrounds and mattings for your photos with a collage made from lengths of ribbon. You can alternate different patterns, and there is no need to try to be precise. Ribbons make exciting borders for the entire page. You can adhere it with glue with mitred corners for a sharper edge, or you can punch holes and weave the ribbon around the page’s perimeter.

When scrapbooking in Brisbane, you may want to add a word to capture the feel of the moment. An assortment of supplies and techniques exist to create that word, or you could write it out in ribbon. Ribbon gives you the ability to use block printing or scrolling cursive.

Ribbon can be used to create 3D embellishments such as bows or flowers. Your bows don’t have to be fancy to make a statement and flowers are easy to make by looping the ribbon for petals. You can also pleat it when using ribbon for borders to give more dimension and depth to the page.

We have a large assortment of ribbon for your scrapbooking in Brisbane. If you have any questions about ordering or you need advice, contact Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies, and we’ll be happy to help.