Scrapbooking in QLD – Make Pages Interesting with Fun Facts


When putting together scrapbooking supplies to make a page, most of us immediately think of a photographic journal. Scrapbook pages are meant to tell a story. At Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies, a major supplier for scrapbooking in QLD, we encourage customers to approach pages from the viewpoint of the person the page contains.

Often scrapbook pages are focussed around a specific person or event. Have you considered creating a page using a scrapbook interview? When you create a page about someone you know well, ask them a few questions that will help to decide what supplies to use to put the page together. Asking questions can also be a way to gather facts that will add humorous content to the page and help others to get to know more about the person.

Compile a questionnaire for the person who is going to feature on the scrapbook page. First, ask questions that will help to plan the mood and layout of the page. Good questions include favourite colours, favourite textures (Are you a velvet or a satin person?), and something such as a lucky number or favourite animal that could be represented by a sticker or embellishment. Then ask the person to tell you a few fun things about themselves that you can include on the page, such as their favourite candy, nickname and recreational activity.

Now that you’ve gathered some beautiful photos and information, it is time to add papers and embellishments to the project. Contact Papermaze; our branches stock everything you will ever need for scrapbooking in QLD.