Beginner’s Guide to Scrapbooking Supplies in Sydney NSW


The staff at Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies love celebrating our memories by scrapbooking in Sydney. We want to share our love for our hobby by providing high-quality scrapbooking supplies at affordable prices in an easy to use online store. We offer a flat shipping rate under $10 and free shipping on orders over $150. If you are new to the art of scrapbooking in NSW, a few guidelines will help you get started.

Types of Scrapbooking Supplies in Sydney

Each page tells a story, and every story has a beginning, and in the case of scrapbooking, the beginning is the paper. We carry acid-free and lignin-free paper to protect your memories from fading and discolouration. We offer plain, coloured, patterned and decorated paper to suit the themes of your pages. Cardstock is a heavy-weight paper that is useful for backgrounds, and we also stock vellum which is a semi-transparent paper that is ideal for layering.

Adhesives are used to attach your items to you paper securely, and they come in various forms to suit different needs. Glue dots are pre-formed dollops which can be used to affix embellishments and other uniquely shaped objects. Tape offers smooth and fast application of adhesives and works perfectly for lightweight memorabilia such as photos, notes, and ribbon. Glue sticks are the original scrapbooking adhesive that’s ideal for many applications.

Embellishments are fun scrapbooking supplies that add panache to your scrapbook, and the variety seems endless. Beads, glitter, ribbon, rhinestones, stickers and more enhance your theme and add the finishing touches to your pages.

You will need an album to display all your pages, and they use different binding methods, so you want to consider the type of pages you make to determine which album will suit you best. Some use posts or rings to attach pages, or you can get a journal-type album that is bound like a book. Don’t forget to embellish the cover just as you would the pages inside the album.

Scrapbooking Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you may not know where to start so we’ll share some tips to help you make great pages right out of the gate. For example, you want to start with one item or photo that will be your focal point and base the theme of the page around it. The focal point doesn’t have to go in the middle of the page, and we suggest the upper left corner because we read from left to right.

Matting is unnecessary for everything but adding it to your focal point allows it to stand out. Ribbon makes an interesting border to make an item pop as well. You can add depth by adhering patterned paper or vellum cut in unusual shapes to the background. Vellum overlays soften the look with its semi-transparency.

If you want more ideas, we carry magazines and books along with our scrapbooking supplies in Sydney NSW. Contact Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies, and we’ll be happy to advise you about creative scrapbooking ideas.