Ideas for using embellishments in Scrapbooking WA


After selecting the background papers and photos to make your scrapbook pages, it’s time to add embellishments. This is the part scrapbookers love most. While pictures tell the story, embellishments help to set the mood. Papermaze Scrapbooking Supplies is a treasure trove of supplies for scrapbooking in WA. Use stickers and flowers to add a feeling of joy to your pages, rhinestones, and pearls to commemorate a glitzy occasion and alphabets and ephemera for more solemn stories.

Before attaching, arrange embellishments in different ways around the page to help you decide which layout looks best. Remember to add elements in odd numbers; this makes it much easier to create a balance that pleases the eye. A cluster together will draw focus to a certain area of the page. Moving embellishments to the corners will have the effect of framing the page. Using a series of embellishments such as buttons, stickers or paper flags across a page can help to define areas and separate sections. Be generous and don’t be afraid to use lots of variety when adding embellishments to your page. If space is a problem, elements can be stacked. Experiment with placing stickers, brads and buttons layered over one another for a 3D effect.

Placement of embellishments helps to create flow when you are telling a story. Use numbers and arrow stickers when arranging a sequence of photos on a scrapbook page to explain the unfolding of events and to draw the eye onwards.

For every kind of embellishment from alphabets to wood decals, we have a variety that will inspire you. Contact Papermaze to find out more about our range of supplies for scrapbooking in WA.